úterý 6. listopadu 2012

Tabáni Spartacus Cup

New training season has already started this week, so I realize to celebrate it on weekend competition. On programme were two long distance races. And I knew that after friday bike trip it will not be really easy race.

And I was right! First about 12km was without problem, but last two kilometers I started to have muscle problems on my legs. I had to slow down and it means some second loose to best runner(s) :-)

Last 7 controls
On this analysis you can see my looses to Csaba - Almost 2 minutes. You can see results and my map with routechoices:

Saturday long distance
On Sunday it was in quite similar terrain like on Saturday. Maybe it was not so green, but there were more climbing. So at result it should be the same time like on Saturday. But I did a lot of mistakes and some bad routechoices. Csaba beated me more than 5 minutes!

First bad routechoice
 On the image above you can see my first bad routechoice. In my opinion, the best solution is marked like yellow dash line. My solution - to go throw two valleys really was not the best solution ever... :-D

Second bad routechoice
Here is my second mistake. It looks like balanced routechoice, but the end was from my side to big hill so it was definitelly slower. You can see here also position of the only one refreshment station on our 13,3km long track... I think it is not necessary to comment it closer.

Sunday long distance

I did some more mistakes like control number one... small hole in the middle of nowhere... But this type of control points are in Hungary quite famous... I do not know. Maybe just I need more luck :-) Next chance will be next weekend in Juniper open. It is last hungarian competition. Than winter will come. So I have to find some another entertaiment for long winter weekends... Do you have any tips?

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