sobota 27. října 2012

Hungarian Team & Club Relay Championships

This week I have run last two Hungarian Championships of this year. It was two competition and both of them were completely different to Czech Champioships.

On Saturday it started wisth Team Championships. In M21 class there were 4 guys from club which started with interval start. Results were sum of times of theese four people. You can see results to understand :-) So as you can see we were second more then six minutes behind club from Eger. On third place were guys from TIPO club (Budapest).

Winners of Team Chapionships
As usually you can see also my map with my routechoices. Althought in map are some undergrown parts and also some small hills, race was really quick. Winner time was under 5 min/km! Unfortunatelly I was little bit fighting with map and I did some direction mistakes... As I heared from some people after Sundays competition - There was probably mistake in magnetic north lines. They were little turned...

I am not sure if in this parts was mistake in map or in signal in my GPS device, but I know that I am not the only one who did a lot of mistakes...

Team Championships

On Sunday there was last - Club Relay - championships. Club Relay contains 5 people. In man class there were: M14, M16, M18, M20 and M21. There is mass start and it is up on clubs to select order of first three legs (but it must be created from M14, 16 and 18). And they can also select on 4th and 5th leg between M20 and 21. Accord my team strategy I have run last leg. Terrain and also map were almost the same. And it was just about 6,2km, so it was faster then on Saturday. Here you can find results...

Club Relay Championships

Me on way to finish
Szegedi Vasutas Club
Next Tuesday was in Hungary National holidays, so they had holidays also on Monday. And club from Hódmezővásárhely organized some small competition. Map scale was 1:5000 and map key was ISOM2000. So forest parts was ok, but on second part of race in city it really was not easy to run fast... But it was just race for fun, so no problem. Moreover I won nice cup (to drink) so I was satisfied... Results here

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