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Hungarian Sandy Killing Tripple Combination

Just little bit late but still... here is short report from competition weekend in Hugrary. On programme there were three competition in two days. It like in Czech when we have on Saturday Sprint & Relay racea and on Sunday there is another Relay competition. But in hungary, there it is much harder. Combination of Saturdays Middle & Relay and Sunday Long distance - it is really killing combination. But also it is good preparation for Czech championships in Long distance.
The name of competition was Kalocsa cup. It was 2 etapes competition as a sum of Middle and Long runners times.
Accord course parameters it was clear that all of three competitions will be really quick. Middle which has 6km and should have 35 minutes for winner's time.. It means pace about 5:15 min/km.

Kalocsa kupa E1 - Middle distance
Accord split times you can see that I was really lucky. At last control point I was loosing one second to István, but I was quite fast in finish, so I went to sleep with 1 second leading ahead him.

Afternoon we have continued with Relay. It was in same part of forest like Middle. And it was even quicker than middle. My real pace was under 5 min/km. I run third leg for my Hungarian club Szegedi Vasutas. I started from third position with lost about 2:30 to leaders and 40 sec to second relay. I did a lot of mistakes and also I was little bit tired after morning competition. I saw many times second guy few dozens of meters ahead me, but I did not have enought strenght to get him. Fortunatelly he did a mistake to control no 13. Also leader did a mistake, so finally I was a new leader. So I used the rest of my powers and punched last three controls wery quick and celebrated victory with my teammates.

Kalocsa kupa - Relay
When I saw all three maps from my Relay, I was quite suprised that on competition was just two forks. On control points 7+8 and in final loop control point 14.

Relay mass start

Last competition of weekend was Long distance. It was again really quick competition. I do not know how much time should spend winner in forrest accord the Hungarian long distance (or "normal" distance?), but 12,8km looks for the winner under 70 minutes.

Kalocsa kupa E2 - Long distance
 Becouse of flat and quite runable terrain, it was best option to run everything almost straight. This time I only won by one second. And after sum of results it was my victory for about 18 second from second one. So I had good wine and motivation to next competition.

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