úterý 16. října 2012

Grand Prix Olomouc + Relay & Club Championships

Today I am comming just a brief post about last big competition week in Czech Republic.

Everything started on Friday with sprint in terrains of WOC2008. I was studying in Olomouc for last five years, so it could be small advance for me. But organizer wrote on his webpages that there can start anyone and that is just forbidden to walk in city center with map. And because i know Olomouc pretty well, i have no reason to do that.
Last time I like sprints pretty much and I hoped in some good result. I did not do any big mistakes and after everyone ran to the finish I knew, I was in 6th place. It was better result then I expected. Unfortunatelly after we start talking in finish area about course and map, we realized, that many of runners ran throw forbidden area. Problem was mainly in area between controls 4-7. There were small pieces of private area, which are in speed under 4min/km almost unreadable.
There exist some solution how to avoid this problem:

  • dont draw black lines between the private area
  • use in terrain tape to mark private are
  • cut circle in control number 6 in map
  • dont set course in this area... 

Problematic part of map
But what happened, it happend and we should learn from this mistake to next competition. I am just attach map with my routechoices...

Grand Prix Olomouc
On Saturday we kept on with Czech Relay Championships. Organizers Zabovresky Brno promised nice karst terrain with mapy of holes, depresssions and old mining areas. And they were right. Terrain and also map was really good. Unfortunatelly, organizers did one big mistake - they switched two SI units, so race was in my class canceled. At least you can see my map:

Czech Relay Champioships
Sunday competition was organized with no problem. At least one of three competition of weekend. But on the other hand - there was all the they some mixture of light and heavy rain, so race was not as attractive as could be. Althouht we tried to have some team spirit and we prepared really nice clothes :-)

Finally we were on 25th possition. Here you can find webpages with all of results. And of course also my map :-)

Czech Club Championships

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