úterý 30. října 2012

Walachia Sprint Championships

This weekend I have changed from o-runner to o-organizer. Together with club in Vsetín I was organizing sprint competition. It was sprint just for Walachia region - for ca 120 runners. At competition webpages you can find all informations about event.

In this way I would like to thanks mainly to course setter Stepan Hrobar (and I hope he will write something on his blog at all :-)) Also I would like to thanks to all of the organizers. I think there were no big problems and most of comeptitors were satisfied. I hope next year we will organize next championships :-)

Here is link to routegadget.

M21 - 1. Jiri Necas (TZL), 2. Stanislav Mokry (ABM), 3. Josef Hubacek (LCE)
W21 - 1. Renata Michalkova, 2. Dagmar Hubackova (both  LCE), 3. Radka Svobodova (AOP)

sobota 27. října 2012

Hungarian Team & Club Relay Championships

This week I have run last two Hungarian Championships of this year. It was two competition and both of them were completely different to Czech Champioships.

On Saturday it started wisth Team Championships. In M21 class there were 4 guys from club which started with interval start. Results were sum of times of theese four people. You can see results to understand :-) So as you can see we were second more then six minutes behind club from Eger. On third place were guys from TIPO club (Budapest).

Winners of Team Chapionships
As usually you can see also my map with my routechoices. Althought in map are some undergrown parts and also some small hills, race was really quick. Winner time was under 5 min/km! Unfortunatelly I was little bit fighting with map and I did some direction mistakes... As I heared from some people after Sundays competition - There was probably mistake in magnetic north lines. They were little turned...

I am not sure if in this parts was mistake in map or in signal in my GPS device, but I know that I am not the only one who did a lot of mistakes...

Team Championships

On Sunday there was last - Club Relay - championships. Club Relay contains 5 people. In man class there were: M14, M16, M18, M20 and M21. There is mass start and it is up on clubs to select order of first three legs (but it must be created from M14, 16 and 18). And they can also select on 4th and 5th leg between M20 and 21. Accord my team strategy I have run last leg. Terrain and also map were almost the same. And it was just about 6,2km, so it was faster then on Saturday. Here you can find results...

Club Relay Championships

Me on way to finish
Szegedi Vasutas Club
Next Tuesday was in Hungary National holidays, so they had holidays also on Monday. And club from Hódmezővásárhely organized some small competition. Map scale was 1:5000 and map key was ISOM2000. So forest parts was ok, but on second part of race in city it really was not easy to run fast... But it was just race for fun, so no problem. Moreover I won nice cup (to drink) so I was satisfied... Results here

středa 17. října 2012

Hungarian Long Distance Championships

Two weeks after Czech Long Distance Championships I realized to visit also Hungarian Champs on the same distance. Event was prepared in terrains from WMOC2011. That means many of hills, some contours details and some green areas... In fact there was quite much green areas, especially undergrowth parts.
Conception of both of champtionships was same - On Saturday qualification race and on Sunday final race. Parameters of qualification and final looks very similar to czech parameters. For qualification about 9km with climbing more then 400m. (in Czech it was 9,3km/520m) and for final race 13km with 630m climbing (in Czech 12,9km/645m). But of course it is not possible to compare competition in rocks with competition in hilly terrain). 
As Manasss told me few weeks ago, qualification is just "necessary evil". So aim was clear: To go throw to Final-A and save as much energy as possible. Qualification race looks more like longer middle but in scale 1:15 000. It means that all the time I had to focus on my map. My compass magnifier really helped me with that. Especially on parts just after the start. In combination of contours, undergrowth and narrow rides really wasnt easy to run with no mistakes...

Difficult area near start (zoomed cca 10 000x)
After I went throw few first controls without problems, I slowed down a little bit. Then, when I met Csaba Gosswein who started 3 minutes before me, I knew I could slow down more... I knew that Csaba is one of runners who can reach medal from championships and he definitelly must know which pace is enough to go to final-A. I my heat I was on second position about 5 minutes behind Ádám Kovács and also 20 minutes ahead last guy who went to final-A :-)

Qualification map
Full of strenght I started to final. In final area there were much more hills than in qualification. When I was counting climbing on my routechoices I counted about 750m. A I think I try to not run to hills if it was not necessary. Setting of courses was quite similar to Saturdays qualification. Many of short legs and just one longer routechoice :( Maybe it was a tax for terrain with many paths, but still I think there was possible to make up at least two or three nice long routechoices... Also in map were few control points, which was really just about luck to find it. For example holes like controls no. 4 or 31. And control 31 reminds me, that we had 34 controls... It is quite much. If somebody would have SI5 and mispuch 2 more controls, could have problem :-D

Me on last control point

But i do not want it look that it was bad competition. Throw this some weird staffs if was nice long distance competition which really proof physical and also map skills of runners. For me was definitelly advantage to start on the end of startlist. Mainly in parts between controls 14-20 there were in big slope some paths, so it was easier to run. 

Final map 

I spend in that course more than 95 minutes and ran 14,5km. It means overal second position! I was again beated by Ádám Kovács with more than 4 minutes. On third place was Máté Kerényi. 

Prize giving ceremony W21 and M21

Besides me we had two more medal position in champs classes. Mónika Szokol and Ildikó Szerencsi. Congratulations to both of them!

Szegedi Vasutas medalists

Next week I plan to support my Hungarian club to Hungarian Relay and Team Championships. We will see what happens :-)

úterý 16. října 2012

Grand Prix Olomouc + Relay & Club Championships

Today I am comming just a brief post about last big competition week in Czech Republic.

Everything started on Friday with sprint in terrains of WOC2008. I was studying in Olomouc for last five years, so it could be small advance for me. But organizer wrote on his webpages that there can start anyone and that is just forbidden to walk in city center with map. And because i know Olomouc pretty well, i have no reason to do that.
Last time I like sprints pretty much and I hoped in some good result. I did not do any big mistakes and after everyone ran to the finish I knew, I was in 6th place. It was better result then I expected. Unfortunatelly after we start talking in finish area about course and map, we realized, that many of runners ran throw forbidden area. Problem was mainly in area between controls 4-7. There were small pieces of private area, which are in speed under 4min/km almost unreadable.
There exist some solution how to avoid this problem:

  • dont draw black lines between the private area
  • use in terrain tape to mark private are
  • cut circle in control number 6 in map
  • dont set course in this area... 

Problematic part of map
But what happened, it happend and we should learn from this mistake to next competition. I am just attach map with my routechoices...

Grand Prix Olomouc
On Saturday we kept on with Czech Relay Championships. Organizers Zabovresky Brno promised nice karst terrain with mapy of holes, depresssions and old mining areas. And they were right. Terrain and also map was really good. Unfortunatelly, organizers did one big mistake - they switched two SI units, so race was in my class canceled. At least you can see my map:

Czech Relay Champioships
Sunday competition was organized with no problem. At least one of three competition of weekend. But on the other hand - there was all the they some mixture of light and heavy rain, so race was not as attractive as could be. Althouht we tried to have some team spirit and we prepared really nice clothes :-)

Finally we were on 25th possition. Here you can find webpages with all of results. And of course also my map :-)

Czech Club Championships

pondělí 1. října 2012

Czech Long distance championships in Bohemian Paradise

Update: Added routechoices from final race

The most important competition of autumn part of seasson came last weekend. Terrains in heart of Bohemian Paradise promise really nice competition full of hard routechoices and hilly rocky surface.

Everything has started by Fridays qualification. Quest for Friday was crear - advance to final "A". Officials of Czech orienteering federation did one quite big difference in comparison with last years. Winner of qualification race should be in forest 70 minutes. It is 10 more minutes than before and also it means that in this race will be necessery to spend more energy...

In qualification I did just few small mistakes, so i qualified myself from 5. place. But... as you can see on the map, terrain was really poor for championships, almost 1/3 of track was running on field or on some compulsory leg... But probably it was tax to have better final in better terrains.

So on Saturday it was better, at least about organizations, but still there were some weird things. On the other hand, there was prepared many perfect staffs which was in only Czech competition for very first time. Combination of GPS tracking and live television broadcasting was absolutelly perfect!

You can see nice TV footage from Czech television. If you are interesting in me, you can skip to time 67:40 and than 103:00) Also you can see GPS tracking from Trac-track system. And also link to routechoices on 2DRerun
So you have already seen everything you can so I can reveal my result. I did a lot of orientation mistakes and in the end of race I was out of forces, therefore I ended on 27. place. It wasnt my best result, but staying in television is good motivation for next trainings :-)

After Saturdays competition was in Turnov also banquet. During last week I was qualified to semi-final of Czech championships in Catching features (popular computer o-game). We played semi-final on computers with many spectators in wonderful atmosphere :-D I qualified also to final competition, but there I lost with absolute winner - Jakub Škoda. Big congratulation to him!

When I was in Czech Republic and I had free Sunday, I realised to continue with competiting. On Hana region Relay cup.


It was almost fight of Relays of my Czech club Magnus orienteering. Here you can see results

Before Relay start

Hungarian Sandy Killing Tripple Combination

Just little bit late but still... here is short report from competition weekend in Hugrary. On programme there were three competition in two days. It like in Czech when we have on Saturday Sprint & Relay racea and on Sunday there is another Relay competition. But in hungary, there it is much harder. Combination of Saturdays Middle & Relay and Sunday Long distance - it is really killing combination. But also it is good preparation for Czech championships in Long distance.
The name of competition was Kalocsa cup. It was 2 etapes competition as a sum of Middle and Long runners times.
Accord course parameters it was clear that all of three competitions will be really quick. Middle which has 6km and should have 35 minutes for winner's time.. It means pace about 5:15 min/km.

Kalocsa kupa E1 - Middle distance
Accord split times you can see that I was really lucky. At last control point I was loosing one second to István, but I was quite fast in finish, so I went to sleep with 1 second leading ahead him.

Afternoon we have continued with Relay. It was in same part of forest like Middle. And it was even quicker than middle. My real pace was under 5 min/km. I run third leg for my Hungarian club Szegedi Vasutas. I started from third position with lost about 2:30 to leaders and 40 sec to second relay. I did a lot of mistakes and also I was little bit tired after morning competition. I saw many times second guy few dozens of meters ahead me, but I did not have enought strenght to get him. Fortunatelly he did a mistake to control no 13. Also leader did a mistake, so finally I was a new leader. So I used the rest of my powers and punched last three controls wery quick and celebrated victory with my teammates.

Kalocsa kupa - Relay
When I saw all three maps from my Relay, I was quite suprised that on competition was just two forks. On control points 7+8 and in final loop control point 14.

Relay mass start

Last competition of weekend was Long distance. It was again really quick competition. I do not know how much time should spend winner in forrest accord the Hungarian long distance (or "normal" distance?), but 12,8km looks for the winner under 70 minutes.

Kalocsa kupa E2 - Long distance
 Becouse of flat and quite runable terrain, it was best option to run everything almost straight. This time I only won by one second. And after sum of results it was my victory for about 18 second from second one. So I had good wine and motivation to next competition.