pondělí 3. září 2012

Regional South-Plain Individual Orienteering Event

First week in Szeged was really busy. I had many things I had to do. First of all there was necesery to find a flat. I was worried it could be a problem, but finally it was really easy. Next few days all of ERASMUS students starts fight again the bureaucracy. Now, after one week I should have free students cards.. In fact, I have just one, but it is enough.

My room in our flat

After I have settle down I realized that is time to start training hard because autumn part of season is coming very quickly. I register myself for two weekend competitions :-) So at Friday was the right time to look for some nice running place. On google maps i have found some sand road and thought it could be the right one...
The result was almost 9km of running. The most of it I have run with some hungarian man which can speak english about 5 words. So I know he likes to run, cycling and swim :-D

Sandy road near river Tisza (photo from Panoramio -  )

Friday night means welcome party for all of Erasmus students. In fact I have dissapear from party quite early, because I know that otherwise I will definitelly not be able to run on Saturday event - South Hungarian chamiopships in sprint, so it means something like South Bohemia region in sprint (about 100 people in startlist). It was sprint in north-west part of Szeged. Some comments about this competition you can find directly in my map archive.

Sprint in Szeged
Afternoon after the competition there was also some tiome for geocaching...

Funny placing of geocache

After that quite good competition I felt physically quite bad. Maybe it was becouse I was not training more then week and my legs were stiff. And I knew that on Sunday there will be another competition - quite longer and in really sandy terrain. It was again South Hungarian championships but in Long distance. Organization was absolutelly with no problems, there was really sunny weather (32°C)

Event centre in Ásotthalom
so it was perfect race. Moreover we have received free ticket to swimming pool to rest of the day.

Long distance in Ásotthalom

Now, after that long week starts another week. Because of some conference in my school I have one extra free week. So it is time to train hard! Szegedi Vasutas club offers me a membership so I can run it their track and also their map training. Sounds like perfect conditions!

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