středa 12. září 2012

Hungarian championships weekend

After first weekend competition I realized that I am starting to be in a good running shape, but it could be much better :-) So last week I tried to train hard. I have perfect conditions for this, because in my school department were some conference so I did not have to go to school... :-)
For the first time I came to athletic track and try its clay. It is not as perfect as tartan track in Olomouc, but at least it has 400 meters and also possibility to use dressing-room.

I really have to say that Hungarian orienteering are good athlets... Of course it is not bit surprise, becouse closest forest is about 30 km far away - so it is easier to train on track.
In some free time between trainings there was time to fight again with bureaucracy (registration for subjects and also registration for some new student cards...)
On Tuesday ordinated map training on map from Saturday competition. There was two shorter courses which were preparation for oncoming Sprint Hungarian Championships.
Sprint training - first round

Sprint training - second round
Both of the trainings were really fast and quite easy :-) But it was about 4km from my flat, so after this I felt really exhausted...

Next few days i rather started slower trainings, because of my legs started hurst...

So on friday afternoon i travel about four hours in car to the competition. In Hungary there does not exist something like embarged areas, so on Fridays evening we were walking throw sprint area just to see terrain. Then we bought some fast food pizza, took some beer and I really looked forward to Sprint competition in Zánka near Balaton.

Sprint competition starts on the morning at 10, becouse there were two rounds - qualification and final. Accord the lenght of courses it was obvious that it will be very quick race. 3,6km with winner time 15 minutes. For me it was good race with just small mistakes where i lost few seconds. There was one funny thing. In our course one control was not working, so everyone has to punched to map. After deep exploration of map I found out there is no "R" boxes. Then I punched somewhere to map. In finish area I told them (after I have found somebody english speaking) that it was not punching. Thay took my mam to control that...

Sprint Hungarian Championships - Qualification
After many minutes of waiting organizers finally published results. In fact I was qualificated to final from first place :-)

I took some steak to lunch and moved to quarantine to wait for my start time... After 40 minutes waiting in quarantine cames somebody with startlist and told us that start will be one hour delayed. For me it means staying in quarantine at all about three hours. But I survived that and try to focus to final race.

I started well, no mistakes and I felt really good in my running form. But... I have burried all of my chances to good result just on one control point. Two minutes stupid big mistake and race was lost. It was just 12 place...

Sprint Hungarian Championships - Final
So I tried to forget about this bad and prepare for Sunday competition - Team Score Hungarian Championships. In Czech Republic we do not have some competitions like this. But the rules are quite easy. Each team has three members. All of them starts at the same time, but there is also startlist, so start is in intervals for teams. On the map there is a same track for all of the members of team. That track is connected by line and control points does not have numbers, but letters. Also there are some controls with numbers. So everybody has to run first to control "A", then take all of the controls with letter in alfabetical order and meanwhile also take controls with numbers. If you still do not understand, click to map bellow :-)

Team Score Hungarian Championships

Hopefully we took the right strategy and splitting the controls with numbers :-) Finally we reachech second place, which means my first medal from Hungarian Championships :-)

Next weekend I will go to Czech competition, so I hope the results will be also good. I have still a lot of time to improve my running skills :-)

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