úterý 18. září 2012

Central Bohemia Battlefield

In Czech Republic started to be cold, but in Szeged was still hot weather. So that was the best conditions to go on in hard training. After monday TVO (television afternoon) I went on Tuesday to athletic track together with the people from Szegedi Vasutas Orienteering Club and we took some quick intervals.

On Tuesday I was also for the first time at school on my department of Geoinformatics. We have meet many of teachers, but all of them told me, that we will start "next week" :-)
Then of Wendnesday I wanted to run about 14 km just in slow speed. But it was really boring, so in fact I started to run quick and quick... But still - I need to run more at least 5 km to reach Serbian borders. So maybe next time :-)

As Manasss said - In training there is never enough of intervals, I run on Thursday the same intervals like he. But he is better, so he has run 6 x 1km and I am looser, so I have run just 5 x 1km :-) Still it was good training which hepls me to spend less money in night party...
And becouse I am student with much free time I spent a lot of time to prepare to Saturday sprint competition. I know that it is unfair, becouse many other guys does not have enough time to prepare like me (link just in czech language), but... shit happens :-)

After I was prepared for sprint, i spent rest of Friday in tram, train, underground, bus and many other possible and also impossible transport vehicles. At all it was about 550km and 9 hours of travelling :-D

So Saturday was in sign of running. Very quick running. First was sprint in Konopiště castle and afternoon it was Relay near Kozmice village. I was really prepared for the sprint and felt in a good shape...

Map preparation for the sprint
But... I near one "easy" routechoice I did the biggest mistake. I have bend my map and I did not see uncrossable fence. I realized that I am inside this fence after I saw second end. It that moment I knew I am disqualified. My problem was that first uncrossable fence was about 30cm high and i barely saw them in that overgrown terrain. So I told to organizers in finish to disqualified me.

Real map from competition
I was definitelly not satisfied with this race. Afternoon It was much more better. I did just one (but almost 2 minutes mistake) and I finished on 10th place on my leg. It was good result, but i knew it could be much more better.

Saturday Relay competition

So I ate really good pasta with some meet, I drank 1, 2, 3, 4 beers (finally good czech beer) and went to bed prepared for next competition. It was even better that Saturday competition. This time no bigger mistakes, so finally good competition! Together with my teammates Marek Minář and Tomáš Navrátil we reached 12th position at all. This was one of our best position ever!

Sunday Relay competition
Now I have to tell that I am quite satisfied with this weekend and my plan is to still training hard to show some good race in Czech Long Championships!

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